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Lesunja Luxury and Lifestyle Magazine 1/22

Lesunja Magazine – Bringing Jewellery to Life With Photography As the owner of Lesunja, I know how valuable a photograph can be to bring a piece of jewellery to life. While my jewellery label is the biggest passion in my life, I also love working on photography projects for myself and my private clients. One photo is worth a thousand words, and it can show off any jewellery collection to customers who might not be able to view it in person. My photography strives to express creativity and capture a moment in time, which can then be shared with the world both online and in magazines.   In order to capture the perfect shot each time, the lighting, composition, and concept need a lot of thought and attention. In my jewellery photography, I strive to showcase the contrast of the various materials and gemstones. These images can bring out the emotion of the jewellery and give examples of where these items can be worn in the future.   For a photoshoot to be a success, there are certain things to keep in mind. First, we need to have a subject or product that we are looking to show off to the world. From there, I’ll work to find the right composition that brings the image to the forefront of the photo. No matter how big or small the subject of your photo is, the composition will help to draw attention to the prominent features you are trying to show off.   Lighting is another huge part of taking the perfect photo. I offer both in-studio and on-location photoshoots, both of which have different uses and benefits. By finding the right backdrop for a new jewellery collection or product, you’ll find that you create attractive images that stand out from the typical product images we see featured on e-commerce stores.   While jewellery photoshoots are one of my biggest passions, I also enjoy exploring the local area and photographing the stunning scenery in locations such as St. Moritz. Landscape photography can transport someone from working at home to a far-flung location. As the seasons change, even the same location can be completely transformed, and you can continue to update your business website or social media accounts with stunning images to attract new customers. No matter what type of product you are looking to sell, I’ll be happy to work with you to showcase your product or service to new clients.   When photographing jewellery and other products, I strive to transport customers to a time and place where they can express themselves with their jewellery and clothing. The Lesunja Style Guide offers many examples from my portfolio and encourages people to find their own personal style. Adding a coffee table book such as this to your home will help to give you inspiration for your business in the future and for potential photoshoots we could collaborate on together.   For more information about photoshoots for your brand or personal needs, don’t hesitate to contact me today. I’ll be excited to discuss your vision and put together the perfect setup to bring your ideas to life with my camera.

Valentine’s Day and Gifts for Valentine’s Day

What is the best gift of Valentine’s Day 2022? Firstly, we should know what Valentine’s Day is? Valentine's Day is one kind of holiday with popularity as a day to celebrate love. On this day traditionally people exchange special love sign gifts, Jewellery, Roses, especially those who are in beautiful...

St. Moritz Sun by Heart

Explore Our New Jewellery With The St. Moritz Sun Collection   If you are looking for a stunning souvenir or gift from St. Moritz this year, look no further than our beautiful jewellery collection. This exclusive collection from Lesunja fine jewellery is only available in St. Moritz and can’t be...

The Best Christmas Jewelry Presents to Get Your Loved Ones This Year!

As the holidays approach quickly, you might be wondering what you can purchase your loved ones this year. From clothes to household appliances to stationary are all simple options, but jewelry is always one of the best places to start. Especially if the jewelry is made out of high-quality material,...

Next Jewelery Talk

Next Jewelery Talk


LESUNJA AT NEW YORK FASHION WEEK 2019 October 22, 2019 Lisa Lesunja has been designing creations of the highest quality for over 15 years.Thanks to her experience with the finest materials and her dedication to glamorous, sophisticated, extravagant designs, two collections are created every year, which have premiered several times at...


New video, new topic every Sunday! Lesunja Channel Youtube  


JEWELRY FOR THE MOST BEAUTIFUL DAY IN YOUR LIFE Are you looking for the tape for life? Goldsmith Lesunja is the right one for you. As experts in wedding and engagement rings, we design pieces of jewelry with creativity and care that will forever remind you of the most beautiful day of...


EACH PIECE IS HANDCRAFTED Sustainability is a matter close to our hearts. Our designs made from Fairtrade gold bear the Max Havelaar seal of approval. Thanks to the foundation, small-scale mining workers have the opportunity to improve their economic and social situation on their own. Furthermore, Lesunja is committed to the recovery of...








SEPIA TECHNIQUE Lesunja keeps an original casting technique alive. The manufacture of jewelry with Ossa Sepia, the back plate of a squid, dates back to ancient times.The Sepia collection combines the rough craft of antiquity with precise goldsmith work and timeless design. SHARE WITH:


DIAMONDS Diamonds basically have very different characteristics. For example, looking at two diamonds of the same size, one could assume that both are worth the same amount. However, this is not entirely true, because if there are even small differences, the effect of a diamond and its value are completely different. The...


THE 4C CRITERIA Diamonds basically have very different characteristics. For example, looking at two diamonds of the same size, one could assume that both are worth the same amount. However, this is not entirely true, because if there are even small differences, the effect of a diamond and its value are completely...


CARAT The carat is one of the four most important quality features - the so-called four Cs - that are used to determine the price of diamonds. It is a unit of measurement for the weight of diamonds and other precious stones, where one carat is equal to 0.2 grams. As...